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About Divine PR

Divine Public Relations is a full-service boutique PR firm specializing in media and public relations, identifying stories, spotlighting businesses, organizations and people in Texas and across the U.S. PR services include marketing and social media, training communications teams, coordinating events, elevating brand awareness, speaking engagements and managing crisis communications.


Alicia Alaniz, CEO

Divine PR was born in 2009 while Alicia Alaniz worked as a news producer at a TV station in Houston, Texas. Following the Grand Opening of the Houston Texans YMCA in 2010, she realized serving the community and promoting good news stories were her passions. After 20 years in TV and radio, opportunities opened from Texas to New York. Today, Alicia's 25-year career in broadcasting has contributed to her successes in PR. She actively serves The HPD Bike Relay Team, who ride across the country, annually, to fight cancer and raise funds and awareness for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Alicia also serves The Greater Houston Prayer Breakfast, uniting city officials, law enforcement, business leaders and communities together for a good cause and to share the Good News. 


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